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    ~ 10/06/10

    It is next to impossible for the old folks of Johnny Test to control their wicked son! Let us picture what will happen several years later when Johnny’s puny dick turns into a big throbbing tool! Did you imagine him nailing a cute chick doggy-style? Nice try, but in our horny porn comics you will see the young stag pleasing the boner of another male! Wild lustful Johnny test goes totally gay and starts welcoming hard dicks in his ass as well as stretching other stud’s brown love-holes!
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    ~ 15/05/10

    Remember crazy kid Johnny causing so much trouble to his old folks? Do you really believe the guy will change for better in the course of time? Sorry to disappoint you but… As soon as hormones start racing through his veins things change from bad to worse! See these kinky porn comics featuring the young blond kinkster going gay! The little bastard seduces his friend and makes the silly pansy ride his throbbing pecker right on the beach!

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    ~ 02/03/10

    johnny test porn

    Are you ready for something totally hot and incredible? Great! Enjoy the horniest comics for adults on the web! Here the famous toon character Johnny Test who is naughty enough every day of his painted life feels the first sexual throbs in his dick and goes totally crazy about it! But the wicked-minded boy with flaming hair is interested only in stretching male asses and plunging his teen cock into wet mouths of the guys! Feel free to enjoy these painted kinky gay stories!